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RMC Pickups Yairi WY1RR synth ready acoustic

Hi Gang,
ive been considering installing RMC pickups on my
acoustics (steel and nylon) so i can have access to my
roland synth guitar.There are guitars like the godins
with this systems built in but i want to be able to
also drum on the guitar and get all the normal
acoustic nuances you cannot get with a godin.
My question is: does anybody have experiences with
this pickups installed in their favorite acoustics and
has anybody tried the  Yairi WY1RR synth ready

--- "loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:

> Y2K4  mini diary first installment:
> Well, it feels funny writing a review of the
> first night of the Y2K4 festival at the Luggage
> Store in San Francisco
> as I was one of the members of the live looping
> improv trio
> with Sunao Inami and Bernhard Wagner but I had such
> a good time
> and the response was so nice by the good crowd that
> attended
> that I wanted to let everyone know that we're off to
> a good start.
> At one point I just stopped playing and marvelled at
> the fact that here
> I was sharing the stage with someone from Kobe,
> Japan and Zurich, 
> Switzerland.
>   Maybe not a big deal to some, but it filled me
> with wonder and I felt
> really happy for the first time in several days of
> neurotic last minute 
> detailing of the
> rest of the festival;   this and the fact that
> Michael Klobuchar, Stan Card, 
> Matt Davignon,
> Dina Emerson, Tim Thompson and Rent Romus were all
> in the audience listening 
> appreciatively.
> Sunao, Bernhard and I all have such disparate styles
> musically that I 
> thought it
> might not be a cohesive performance but I was really
> pleasantly surprised
> by how cohesive the long 45 minute improv was.   We
> went to a lot of places
> and had a lot of synchronous playing despite the
> fact that only Bernhard and
> I were brother synced with our EDP.  It was abstract
> at times:  ambient and 
> dark
> at others and we occasionally coalesced into some
> funk rhythmic material.
> It was a nice contrast to the fascinating
> glitch/noise group form Berlin 
> that opened up
> the night.
> Sunao has such a beautiful sense of timbre and
> deftly manipulated his sound 
> creations
> in Native Instruments Reaktor and Ableton's Live
> with two laptops running in 
> concert.
> Bernhard also is a beautiful player who I only met
> and became friends with 
> at this year's
> Loopstock. He is really doing very interseting
> things with the EDP and 
> effects.
> At one point the two of us had a really interesting
> and vibrating couple of 
> loops synced that used
> substitute insert techniques with falsetto voice
> (mine) and Bernhard's 
> guitar.  It was really
> unsual sounding and really changed a lot as we
> played.  I was really 
> thankful for Matthias
> Grob's invention of brother sync on this one.  I was
> also thankful that 
> Bernhard taped the whole
> thing and that Scoots took photographs.   Perhaps if
> we get enough time (and 
> that will be a big IF)
> we may post some of this material to the website:  
> nosuch.biz/Y2K4.
> I was tired from how hard I've been working getting
> the festival together 
> but playing with
> these fine and truly gifted/unique musicians felt
> like take a refreshing 
> bath and I feel
> really energized and excited about the weekend gig
> ahead of us.
> Tomorrow,  we see if we can get the simulcast up and
> running for the Weekend 
> shows
> and Sunao, Bernhard and the Scoots man himself, 
> Michael Klobuchar play the 
> opening
> Santa Cruz concert.    We got excellent press
> coverage ( we are on the front 
> page of the
> Sentinel today with a large article inside) and
> excellent radio coverage so 
> I"m hoping
> that we'll have a good draw for the weekend.   We
> had a nice draw in S.F. 
> tonight, the best
> response to the Thursday night luggage store series
> that they've had, 
> according to promoter/fellow looper
> Matt Davignon, who's own set of manipulated drum
> machines is eagearly 
> awaited on Saturday at
> 4:30 p.m.   Matt's putting the finishing touches on
> his new CD featuring 
> some of the material from this phase
> he is in, creatively...........I've heard it live
> and it is fascinating and 
> beautiful and really unique. Check it out.
> More to come.    Rick 


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