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Proto-Material for New CD - looking for comments, etc

Hello folks -

I'm starting to record some "proto-material" for my next CD, which I
hope to release in May of 2005. It will be called "1/6", and it will
have a variety of hidden numerological implications that have special
meaning for me. My goal is to accrue a pool of 20 or 30 songs, and then
select those that fit best together into a unified theme and are most
interesting to listeners.  

As with my last CD, "Places", these tunes are primarily spontaneous
compositions recorded in one take with either my acoustic guitar or my
Paul Reed Smith Jazz Hollow-Body..except for two songs, "Cantor's
Madhouse" and "Race to Infinity", which I composed with Finale
notational software. For this CD, I'm heading even more toward the
experimental genre than with "Places".  I have uploaded my current set
of songs at this URL: 


Let me know what you think, what tunes you like the most, how they make
you feel, etc.  I would greatly appreciate it! :)

For those of you going to the Y24K International Loopers Conference, you
may hear me toying around with some general themes reflected by these
songs...or maybe not, depending on how spontaneous I feel when my
fingers hit the fretboard and my foot hits the Record button at 12:30pm
on Saturday!

Okay, now let's have some fun and games. I'll send anyone a free CD of
"Places" and my DVD "Microscopic Horrors" who can discover one of my
numerological connections with this proto-CD and "1/6/".   I was able to
use a web search engine to figure one out with the right key words.
Let's see how someone's brain works...


Krispen Hartung 
http://www.krispenhartung.com http://artist.amazon.com/krispenhartung