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Re: Looping and Meditative States, etc

Title: Re: Looping and Meditative States, etc
Yes, this is so true. It drives my wife crazy when she tries to talk to me while I’m playing!

But speaking of meditative states, once while I was much younger and was playing with a jazz band, I had an out-of-the-body experience while playing a solo. It was one of the most pleasant things I’ve ever experienced, but of course, as soon as I conciously thought about what was happening, it ended.



on 10/5/04 1:21 PM, Per Boysen at per@boysen.se wrote:

It's obvious that the part of the brain normally
> used for speaking "oral languages" has to make the way for "the
> musical mind", because if you are playing music and get a quick call
> from someone you might nog be able to speak at all for a second,
> before catching up on normal brain functions again. Try to throw quick
> questions at a musician friend when he is playing and you will get a
> healthy laugh! (don't play try this trick to the performers at the
> club ;-)