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Fw: bkf @12 galaxees-FRISCO! /santa cruz internashunal live looping festival

Just got this ... Brian Kenney Fresno is an act not to be missed. He does
some of the most imaginitive and original looping that I've ever heard.

- Dave


things are a ramping up onto the busy part, with the driving and the going
"YAAAAA!", AND "WHOOOOO!" a lot!
hope yewl all pracktice up and get yer uvulla's uvulatin, cuase i'll be
needin ya to sing REAL LOUWD, this sat the 9th.

12 galaxees, FRISCO-in the misshion-
2565 Misshion Street @ 22nd
i'm playin with my ol bro, That One Guy, so doan't missit!
we've been tryin to put this together agin since before i was banned from
playin in fresno, and that's ben a long time!
giant bill, just the 2 of us, and only 10 bucks!
see you their!
then sunday 9pm, i'm at the resinant church(!), in santa cruz for the
internashunal live looping festivel!
the event is going on all day-
i'm doin a 20 minnit set, at 9PM, so doan't be late!

i'd like to thank all of the volunteirs who offerred up there help for the
fillmore last weak-THANKS!
can't do it with out you.

it's been a grate time hangin out hear at the burnin J ranch, but theirs a
footment a move, and now it's time to (see above).
acktchewally, it's time to send out press relleases and posters and stuff,
cuase i've gotta lil tour coming up at the end of this month, i'm tellin 
now, as i may forget, like i do everything else it seams like- i was just
telling my

sunday i did the stagehand thing for 38 sheshul, at our local indian 
i had a reely speshul moment when i opened the back"stage" door, letting in
full day light, during the dramatic offstage paws before the oncore.
(it's just a lil pipe and drape partishun)..

fog, darkness, etheareal rumblings, and LOT'S OF DRAMA, an intentcity of
mood -all destroyed by some ideot, (me)!
the band was all hudlled back their, and were yelling "NO! NO!" at me like
they were vampires from the erly 80's.
the hole crowd was lookin at me-
somewon shooda locked the dam door-
it was 5: in the after noon!

hope to see some of you soon, 12 galaxees is big, so theirs room for many 
you, but if you are that unplaesent person, with the flatchulant breth,
poizonus flatchulants, and the insane laff that makes everywon crince*,
theirs a lot goin on in the city that night....

*crince is a new new word i'm promotin!
it's cringe and wince slammed together!

"preeze" is the word for the time in witch you no that you have to sneeze,
but haven't yet.
preeze. it's like a sentince, but won word!

all of my love to most of you,
brian kenney fresno

and when you see me on the street, yell "FRESNO!"