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RE: Looping and Meditative States, etc

Seeing as i have been one of the "gear heavy" perps this month i will take a stab at this discussion and say.......

MOST DEFFINATLY i love the thrill of just improrvising freely and seeing what comes out of my hands and feet!! to me it rreally is magic cos i know no thory other then little things i have found for myself that are probably theory to someone else. 

 althought I use a lot of pre-learnt songs for my gigs cos really, thats what people want round here, no one will follow someone whos songs they cant learn, but they will go down the same pub to hear the same act week in week out if they can sing along.i digress. however ALL my "songs" where once improvisations, that i thankfully managed to remember or tape and recreate, and hone till they where  repeatable,

to my audiance the buzz is in the sing-along actor , to my the buzz is sometimes in the perfect recreation of a challenging loop, but mainly in the ongoing improvisations that will lead to permenant songs in my act in a years time!!!

its fair to say that i do often come in from a club and know i shoud go to bed but find i must just plug in for a twenty minute loop (actualy its funny cos its taken over the role thart my games console used to have, ie a bit of mental dexterity before bed, kind of like cooling down after excercise but mentally) then im ready to sleep, UNLESS something really good happens, i which case im banging round the house at four in the morning looking for pens, papr, recorders tapes and all the other stuff to capture the thing that has just hapened any may be lost forever if i dont get it down tonight!!! (actually to this end i would recomend to anyone a cheap camcorder to video your practice, then you can look back and see what yu where doing, hear your loop nd your voice so you can shout C..G....Am as you go along)

im actually thinking of doing a little bit at my next show (sat) where i ask a member of the audicance to tap out a simple rythem on the table while i match it an feed it into the loop, i will then try ot make a song for them, this will be pretty seat of pants for me so i will wrtie back how it went!!

well hope that was all fun and insightful!!! think i actually zoned out whilst writing about looping, maybe for a future discussion

Phill Wilson (a.k.a. Blackface)

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