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Looping and Meditative States, etc

Per Mathias' request, in order to spawn some non-gear like discussion.
:)  Of particular interest to loopers might be the possibility of
looping oneself into a meditative state, as I allude to below.  Aside
from this, I also find looping very relaxing and cathartic.  It is
focused, yet liberating. Though I'm not sure I could achieve this if I
were performing pre-arranged material at my shows. 90% of what I do
(live and recorded on CD) is free, spontaneous composition, which I
think contributes to the mental state it achieves for me.  At every
performance, I always feel a bit of healthy creative anxiety, having no
knowledge of what I'll be playing throughout the night. I think I am
addicted to that creative anticipation. It's even different than the
anticipation before improvising a solo over pre-arranged changes.  This
is all built from ground zero.

Any other experiences like this from the rest of you?  Are any of you
attending Looper's Anonymous? Do you wake up in the middle of the night
with the cold sweats, aching for just one quick loop fix? Heh heh....

>It's like looping is some sort of mind-altering opiate or something.
One can easily lose all conception of space and time.

Mathias asked: Do you do it for the drug effect?

Krispen's response: It's just one of many reasons why I play music; I've
been playing music since I was 9 years old (28 years)....it's my
expressive outlet

Mathias asked: Can you reach the same state without loops? 

Krispen's response: Most definitely...anytime I improvise or engage in
spontaneous composition; especially in this group, "Hume's Fork",
several years ago:

Mathias asked: Is this useful?

Krispen's response: It is for me. :)

Mathias asked: Where do you think you are, when you "zone out" ?

Krispen's response: Not sure, but it's probably similar to meditation,
which is open for interpretation

Mathias asked: Can you take the public with you?

Krispen's response: Sometimes, but since I can't read their minds, I
rely on their verbal responses.

Mathias comments: I also have the problem that I hope to feel the public
when I am zoned out, but when I come back, I often must admit I did not.

Mathias asked: Once the public zones out, does it matter how the stage

Krispen's response: Probably not, but getting folks to zone out is a hit
or miss thing...not science, but an inconsistent art.

Mathias comments: Ok, so you the stage visual serves for the part of the
public that does not really understand the show? :-)

Kris Hartung 
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