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making my footpedal

Hi all

I know this is probably a bad time for long tech questions given that many of you will be jetting off to the loopstock fest (sob sob cant go) BUT  i just wanted to get some other heads togeather over the building of my replacement for the FC-7 for the EDP.


Basically I have envisioned a pedal with the usual 7 buttons but this time in two rows with nice line 6 type metal buttons.

I then thought I could add a eighth button that links to another jack that will go to the overdub jack of the edp and be momentary (is this possible, i.e. to have regular stomp ON stomp OFF overdub throught the regular Footpeadal jack and a momentary type non latching one going to the overdub jack.????)

Am I right in thinking that if this can be done, then this second overdub switch should be a          0 Ohms  resistor and a non latching switch????

I then also wanted to add a rotary pot as a dial on the side of the unit , this will be linked to another jack and cabled to the EDP feedback pedal IN.

I know there is a lot of info on the looper_delight website regards building, however when i go to my electronics store they ask me questions that i dont know.

for instance, some of the resistor Ohms ratings are very specific, my local dealer only seems so stock "regular" near values , will these work.

also the guide says that i need 1% metal film, i can get this but there seems to be lots of differant ratings 0.25 , 5 etc anyonw know which i need?

also when buying the jacks for putting the cables in, is there any specifi type? there seem to be some with more arm type things then others....


basically if anyone can see more or less where i am going with this any thinks they can give me a list of excactly what i need, i will be forever in their debt.



Phill Wilson 

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