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Re: Laptop live-looping in Numerology

Per wrote:

> emulation". That's the background to the "tape scratch" sound of
> Augustus every time you mess with the virtual tape. This can be a bit
> annoying when you run many simultaneous loops and change their pitch
> all at the same time. I hope developer OS will make this cool sound an
> option in future versions of Augustus Loop (don't take it away, please!
> Just make it optional).

sure, it's on my list!

(to be clear, for those not familiar with Augustus Loop, you can change 
the settings to avoid tape 'artefacts'  when changing pitch - it's 
changing the delay time on the fly that currently gives you the 
unavoidable effects.)

I'm always happy to hear from anyone with suggestions for changes & 
features - drop me a mail or leave a note on my website forum.