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Quality of Behringer Mixers. Was Re: Balancing Volume Levels?

      Rainier wrote:
<<I'm slowly getting tired of people using the Behringer brand name like it
was a mixture of Josef Stalin and French carmakers.>>

     I am very open to hearing about quality Behringer mixers.  They have 
a quite deserved bad rap
when it comes to very low quality in some of their products, most notably 
their low end mixers
(and FCB1010 manuals).  A local pro audio repair shop near me does a lot 
of Behringer warranty
work, a lot of it comes straight from Behringer themselves.  The amount of 
gear that goes straight
into the dumpster is absolutely overwhelming.  We're talking pallet load 
after pallet load.  If
they are getting compared to Joseph Stalin or French carmakers (a bit 
extreme IMHO) perhaps they
are deserving of it?

     I feel that the best thing that we can do as a group of people is to 
steer our friends away
from low quality and towards high quality.  Sometimes high quality comes 
in very inexpensive
packages, perhaps it's the physical interface alone... or the owners 
manual is very well thought
out, or something like that.  If a manufacturer is selling a product that 
appears to be a good
deal only to have severe malfunctioning or low S/N ratios, I want to hear 
about it.

     The LD list is most useful to me when people can objectively discuss 
various gear, the pros
and cons of UI's, sampling quality, how the gear *works* for us as opposed 
to against us.  I have
learned so much over the years of being on this list.  Behringer mixers, 
and I am talking about
the low end stuff that they produce, are not worth the money they charge 
unless fidelity is not
important to you or your application.  In my experience, Mackie is a 
better value for the money. 
And I would love to hear contrasting opinions.  Like, at what point does 
Behringer start sounding
good?  How much do I have to spend before I get a reliable, relatively low 
noise mixer?  Does
Behringer actually compete with Mackie quality-wise at some price point?

     One of these days I may get inspired to get a better quality mixer 
than my two Mackies (1604
VLZ Pro and 3204).  Then I'll talk about how much more of the music I'm 
hearing and I can't
believe how long I stayed with the Mackies.  :)  Until then, Mackie rocks 
my sonic world.  

<<And if anybody is interested: Way back, I replaced the integrated mixer 
my Fostex multitrack (which back then was the best integrated fourtrack on
the market, also superior to all portastudio products)...>>

     This is where your argument gets absurd.  Which Fostex multitrack?  
Are you sure it's
superior to *all* portastudio products at that time?  Did you really try 
them all?  I appreciated
your post up to this point.  Claiming that you are authorized to say that 
Fostex kicks sonic booty
on *all* Tascam portastudio products of that time will not work without 
further backing up your
words.  C'mon man, you can do better than this...

     In sonic honesty and friendship,


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