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Tias plugin ALPHA-version available...

Finally I can offer an Alpha-version to some of you guys!

If you haven't done so allready, go to http://www.condomo.com/4um , 
and apply for the beta-testing, then i'll just add you to the proper group
and the Alpha-version will be available for you to download and test, also
future betas will show up there.

It's only available for windows users, sorry mac-lovers but I haven't had
any money to invest in a little development-machine, and I've only tested 
it Ableton Live at the moment since it exposes the parameters of the plugin
for Midi-functionality (which is crucial for it to work properly) but it's
been working to my satisfaction with minor quirks that need to be sorted 
so now I figured that you guys should get the chance to test it!

See this as a fully functional teaser of what i've been working with. ;)