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Re: (no subject) (ebay)

fwiw: I installed Mozilla Firefox, and can now get eBay (Internet Explorer
had stopped taking me there)!  Easy installation, quick download.  Maybe
I'll just use it for eBay, and play it safe?


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> Hmmm, I'm also using Spybot, AdAware, BHBlaster and
> Powerwash, plus regular virus scans and I thought that
> had it covered, but obviously it doesn't. I'm going to
> DL both BHODemon and the other one that was suggested!
> Yeah, it sucks having a slowly growing list of places
> I can't get to from here. LD was one of the first to
> go, about 2 or 3 years ago!
> Apart from running up the hit total to impress
> potential advertisers, I've never understood the logic
> behind hijacks and popups. "Let's see, if we annoy the
> hell out of someone, I think they'd be MUCH more
> likely to do business with our client. Yeah, that's
> it!"
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