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RE: Balancing Volume Levels?

I'm slowly getting tired of people using the Behringer brand name like it
was a mixture of Josef Stalin and French carmakers. Yes, I do understand
that it is cool to despise Behringer, but just like with Microsoft, there
are fine products on the market. Yes, they do steal ideas from other
manufacturers (like the Alt 3/4 button from Mackie), but hey, that's
business, if you don't like it, move to Cuba or resurrect the GDR or
something. I do also understand that there are some quality problems, both
with regard to reliability and to consistent quality, but finally, you get
what you pay for. And sometimes, in comparison to what other manufacturers
offer, you get more. Behringer was the first manufacturer to offer
acceptable compressors at an affordable price. And Behringer also has some
high quality and/or highly innovative products in its product line.

There are some devices which are really crap. Some of the super-cheap 
come to mind. The mastering processors (for my taste) simply do not sound
nice or are simply useless. But then, the foremetioned Composer is still an
excellent product. I don't need to mention their FCB1010 foot controller
here. I do like the layout of my MX2642(A) mixer (I have two of them, and
both in heavy use), and I like the user interface and the audio qualities.
Their DX3216 digital console offers really outstanding EQs and effects, and
using state of the art software solutions, I've still not been able to
replicate the excellent sound of some of my rough mixes done with this very

And if anybody is interested: Way back, I replaced the integrated mixer of
my Fostex multitrack (which back then was the best integrated fourtrack on
the market, also superior to all portastudio products) with my first 
and so I think I am authorized to say that, yes, using a portastudio is far
worse than using a Behringer mixer.

Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill
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The Straschill Family Group - www.straschill.de
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>      I used a Tascam portastudio as my main keyboard mixer
> for many years.  The good news is that
> it works pretty well.  When I switched to a Mackie VLZ Pro, I
> couldn't believe how much more of
> the music was present in my speakers.  YMMV.  Using a
> portastudio as a mixer can't be any worse
> than using a (shudder) Behringer mixer...
>      Stephen
>      >>>Is there any reason not to use the 1/4" "headphone"
> out, on the Tascam?
> I don't think I have the right type of cable for it's other
> out.  Will the
> Tascam (4-track recorder) add any noise or other bad stuff,
> if I use it as a
> mixer instead of getting a real one?<<<
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