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Re: (no subject) (ebay)

oh - BHO - here's more info about a particularly nasty one:

And I recommend using Mozilla Firefox instead of IE to anyone on Windows.

At 01:11 PM 2004.10.02, Kim Flint wrote:
>At 04:01 AM 10/2/2004, Tim Nelson wrote:
>>I'm not sure of the technical nomenclature, but I wish
>>I did, as I have a similar situation. Sounds like you
>>might have a host problem in your registry; invasive
>>code gets in and redirects you to another site
>>(usually a porn site or some sort of
>>advertisng/spyware type of thing). In doing so, it
>>inserts a line into your registry that does not allow
>>you to visit the site you actually wanted;
>I had that problem and finally discovered it was a malicious "browser 
>helper object" that some evil site had managed to put on my machine. I 
>have no idea how, since I'm extremely careful about these things. It was 
>hijacking all my google searches. Neither Ad-aware or Spybot-Search & 
>Destroy will find that. (although those two are very good at dealing with 
>other spyware problems.) I used a program called BHODemon available from 
>http://www.definitivesolutions.com/ to find and fix it. These days I run 
>all three regularly to deal with this nightmare.
>I also complain to my congress-people regularly about this. It is really 
>aggravating to know I spend a lot of time creating a website and making 
>popular, only to have some dickhead's adware hijack it from the people 
>trying to visit.