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Re: (no subject) (ebay)

<<  believe that what's going on here is one of the biggest invaders of our
privacy in recent history, and they are getting away with it, in the name 
free enterprise. >>

Absolutely. Free enterprise=Mammon. There has to be checks and balances.

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Subject: RE: (no subject) (ebay)

> Have you tried free ad-aware SE.  Here's one of there add on's
> http://www.lavasoft.de/software/addons/lspexplorer.shtml
> "Layered Service Providers (LSP) are small pieces of software that can be
> added or inserted into the Windows TCP/IP handler by other software. Data
> outward bound from your computer to a legitimate destination on the
> can be intercepted by an LSP and sent somewhere other than where you
> it to go. LSP Explorer lets you view active LSP and Name Service 
> on your system, along with detailed information about each so you can
> determine whether or not they're legitimate. Access LSP Explorer can be
> directly from the Add-ons menu. LSP Explorer works with all versions of
> Ad-Aware."
> I had a lot of similar problems, that not even SPYBOT could get rid of, 
> downloaded all of ad-aware's add on's, so between the two of them, and a
> others (system mechanic, and mcAfee), I finally cleaned out the registry.
> I believe that what's going on here is one of the biggest invaders of our
> privacy in recent history, and they are getting away with it, in the name
> free enterprise.  I've even contacted my congress-person, and told them
> I'm in business too, and I'm for free enterprise, but for me, this is no
> different than the civil rights movements of the 60's.  The businesses,
> schools, etc, back then, had a right to serve, or not to serve anyone 
> pleased, but the people being discriminated against had a higher right,
> the people eventually won out!  Likewise,  the internet businesses have a
> right to market and to advertise, but once they intrude into our
> they've more than passed the limit of their rights.  If they physically
> into our houses, there are laws to protect and defend ourselves, and to
> prosecute them for forced entry, and as far as I'm concerned, this is
> entry!  Try sending a robot into someone's house to kill them, and then
> the cops that it wasn't you.  It's actually absurd, when you start to
> about it.  And I'm tired of spending all my time and money to defend
> So anyway, I'll get off my soapbox, but for a computer based musician,
> is not off topic.  In fact, there are some musical things that I can't 
> any other way, than through the internet, and by downloading.  And being
> part of the community of musicians through out the world, such as this
> and sometimes, almost real-time, would almost be impossible.  Thanks,
> Kim, for all that you're doing!
> Tom
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> I'm not sure of the technical nomenclature, but I wish I did, as I have a
> similar situation. Sounds like you might have a host problem in your
> registry; invasive code gets in and redirects you to another site 
> porn site or some sort of advertisng/spyware type of thing). In doing so,
> inserts a line into your registry that does not allow you to visit the
> you actually wanted; in my case, these would include Amazon and (gasp)
> Looper's Delight. After you've removed the offending site, a registry
> remains, so that when you subsequently try to access the site you
> wanted, your browser times out.
> It's related to "browser hijacking", but again, I haven't been able to
> out enough about how to fix it to actually do so. :(
> Does anyone have a suggestion for how to fix this without wiping the 
> registry/operating system/hard drive? Or at least, can someone offer a
> better/clearer  explanation than I have so that I'll have a better clue?
> -t-
> --- Jeff Shirkey <jcshirke@midway.uchicago.edu> wrote:
> > >OT?:
> > >
> > >I haven't been able to get ebay to load on my
> > browser (Micro. Explorer) for
> > >a couple of weeks.  Has this been happening to any
> > of you?
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