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RE: Balancing Volume Levels?

that's true; I love the sounds which are not so clean but more ... alive 
and dirty,
(use the link below to listen to some samples of my music,
about half of it was made using a Boomerang), but that's a question of 
individual taste.

I think connecting the Tascam RCA out to the Rang Aux In should not
bring noise because because that's what the Aux In is made for 
(look at the Rang User's Manual, "Aux In is provided to allow connection 
to a tape player");
the signal at the Tascam phones out is not supposed to be used as an input 
for another effect,
so using it could bring unwanted noise;
also be sure to use the matching setting of the Rang Input Level switch; 
and of course, using trial and errors can be the best way.

about the cable, a male-male RCA should not be a problem to find
and should not cost a lot (here, a 2.5 m / 8 feet long one costs 5 euros
which is I think a lot, I'm sure you can find cheaper prices than what we 
have here in Paris).

        check my CD Early Wanderings on http://www.cdbaby.com/1000times

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In a message dated 10/1/04 11:17:15 PM, jonathan@kelloggcreek.com writes:

> Will the
> Tascam (4-track recorder) add any noise or other bad stuff, if I use it 
>as a
> mixer instead of getting a real one?

jonathan.....just hook it up and listen.....some people just love the "bad 
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