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Echoplex with midi foot pedal

Thanks for the offer Mark but I am in the UK, it probably won't make sense to ship it.
Whatt do you want for it and where are you?



> Hello everybody,

> I just got an echoplex of ebay without a pedal.
> I was wondering if I should buy the oberheim pedal ( if I can find it)
> or if there is a better and cheaper option with midi pedals out there.
> Which to get and what are the differences.
> thanks very much for your help.

> tone

Hey, I happen to have an extra footpedal I need to get rid of due to a mistake 
by Musician's Friend. It is a beige-colored pedal with the "Gibson" logo which
works perfectly but has a few small scratches. I can take pix if you want.
Make me an offer.

Mark Smart