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Repeater Loop Select

I can't find the answer in the archives, but I'm almost sure it was
discussed back in the early Repeater days...

I know that the Repeater's MIDI implementation allows for direct selection
of the internal (and CFC card) loops via Program Changes.  At first I
thought this didn't work, because I couldn't get the Repeater to select a
new loop.  But then I realized that the PC command will only select the new
loop if it's already been recorded.  It seems that one must use "Next Loop
Up" and "Next Loop Down", and then a subsequent press of Record, to move to
a new loop and record in it.

At least the Repeater does this "quantized".  I like that!

Given all of this, has anyone have suggestions or strategies for moving
between loops on both an EDP and a Repeater, that is manageable with a
typical MIDI footcontroller?  I'm using the FCB1010, and would love to have
one button that would move to the next loop on both the EDP and the
Repeater, with no subsequent presses.  Any ideas?