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Re: Anyone use a ROland VG8??

Welcome to the select (and astonishingly small!) group of adventuresome 
guitarists who have discovered the most interesting guitar synth ever 

Unfortunately (I suppose), there's no way to access raw waveforms 
within the VG8; you're limited to just the parameters available within 
each HRM model, which are certainly pretty arcane. But if you want a 
crash course in unfolding the best of these instruments (and access to 
a huge, extensive and detailed archive of VG-user comments and 
explorations), I suggest you get right over to vg-8.com and start 
downloading some of their vast patch library via sysex dump. I hope you 
got an extra data card with your VG! Allow me to humbly further suggest 
that you start with the patch sets I created and posted there; I've 
explored the HRM side of the V as deeply as anybody I've ever heard of 
(wish that weren't the case), and have posted hundreds of "weird" VG 
explorations. The VG is certainly the looping guitarist's most 
neglected resource, IMHO...
Good hunting!
David Coffin

On Oct 1, 2004, at 12:03 PM, Legion wrote:

> HOWEVER the weirder stuff (synths, extereme effects, etc) is quite 
> cool if
> abused properly and the tracking is amazing.