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Re: Anyone use a ROland VG8??

I have a VG-8 and have had a lot of fun looping with it. I need to post 
mp3s at some point. I built up a pretty convincing imitation of a whole 
band by layering bass, guitar, banjo, and pedal steel sounds.

The "HRM" sounds are pretty weird, and I'm not suprised you are having 
difficulty finding anything resembling normal synthesizer parameters to 
I'm not sure what they are doing, but it's not like a normal synthesizer. 
of the patches sound to me like the guitar sound is somehow being morphed
with sampled attacks of instruments; I remember one sounds like a brass
instrument attack. I don't think there is anything as normal as a waveform
selection anywhere. If you can't find it in the menus, it probably isn't 

Mark Smart