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Anyone use a ROland VG8??

I recently bit the proverbial bullet and moved from my GR300 series to the
GK2 pickups. latest toy is a VG8ex. Initial impressions are the
"modeled" 12 string, Les paul, etc are fun but hardly the real thing
HOWEVER the weirder stuff (synths, extereme effects, etc) is quite cool if
abused properly and the tracking is amazing. 

I'm having a lot fo trouble getting to the route of programmning
though. As always ther Roland manula is cryptic japenglish at best. In
particular I woudl liek to access the actual Waveforms in the synth
models. I hear them in the presets (Sawtooth waves being fed into a filter
somewhere) but I'll be damns if I can find any menu that lets me scoll
them into the "instrument" section.

I recently bought a Boss WP-20 wavefore processor with has a Square and
saw wave which I'm sure the VG8ex has. If anyone can help me find them I'd
really appreciate it.

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