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Re: MFC-10 remembered

On Oct 1, 2004, at 18:07, Larry Cooperman wrote:
> Where on Earth and elsewhere, can I get that Brother Sync?  How does 
> BeatSync work with two Echoplexi?
> Is there some other sync method?  Is the BrotherSync really the best 
> unit?

Hi Larry,

As far as I know you can only get Brother Sync from an Echoplex. With 
two Echoplexi bro-sync provides a time reference. Each musician can 
create longer or shorter loops but "the metronome beat" will be shared. 
It's not like one is the master and the other has to be the slave as 
with midi clock or MTC sync (here also answering your third question).

>  Is the BrotherSync really the best unit?

It's not a unit, since it's actually built into the Echoplex hardware. 
You connect two echoplexes with a stereo jack cable and wait a couple 
of seconds for them to hook up. That's it.

All the best

Per Boysen