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Audiobulb News :::: October 2004

Audiobulb News :::: 01.10.2004
It has been a busy month @ Audiobulb > with over 10 000 people visiting the website :::: we are becoming visible to more people ::::  
New Artists >
Audiobulb is proud to announce its association with more innovative electronic artists :::::
Calika: Simon Kealoha brings detailed electronic dub glitch grooves - incorporating real instrumentation and magnificent production skills. Based in Brighton - UK Simon's talent extends across electronic and traditional jazz instrumentation. His first track is due to appear on the forthcoming "Intricate Maximals" compilation and we will be hoping to bring you his first full length album in the coming year.
Ochre: Chris Leary is already known to the electronic scene for his outstanding compositional skills with a natural ability to write compelling and complex melodies and rhythms. Chris has a clutch of quality releases to his name including the Sound System Bangers Volume 1 (Repeat Music) EP and compilation appearances on Igloo Trax (Igloo Magazine); One Point One (Rednetic Recordings); Region Zero (Boltfish Recordings); Sample + Hold (Unschooled Records). Audiobulb have gotten hold of Chris with the aim of giving him some release space to explore more abstract elements within his writing skills. Intricate Maximals will see the release of Ochre's shimmering track - 'shiver box'.
Radio >>
23.09.2004 - John Peel (BBC Radio 1) 
featured He Can Jog's -  'june - that is when the smaller sparrow began to cantilate' taken from the album Switches. You can hear John explaining what the title means here :::: http://www.audiobulb.com/Switchesandsamples/hecanjog-on-john-peel-radio1.mp3
SOPHIA vsti >>>
The SOPHIA vsti has been well received by electronic music makers. Mac OS users have been disappointed that it is not available for their format and we acknowledge that. SOPHIA's cpu drain has been decreased by 20% with the release of version 1.1 which can be downloaded here :::: http://www.audiobulb.co.uk/create/sophia/Sophia1_1.zip
SOPHIA is to feature on the front cover CD of Future Music a magazine dedicated to electronic music making and computers. FM 151 is the relaunch edition of the magazine and will bring SOPHIA to a new audience of music makers. 
Reviews >>>>
Resident Advisor review of Switches :::: http://www.residentadvisor.net/review_view.asp?ID=2091
Facteur 4 review of Switches :::: http://facteur.4.free.fr/info_facteur4.htm
Distribution >>>>>
Audiobulb are proud to announce European distribution via Nexus http://www.nexusound.com/ - so ask for the CD @ your local record shop EU people.
Audiobulb > now available @ itunes (usa & europe) > load up your ipods.
Street Team >>>>>
I'm looking for three people  - 1 US, 1 Europe & 1 Australia/Japan to gently plug Audiobulb across message boards they frequent. The aim is not to blatantly spam - but to bring up audiobulb as and when relevant so that our profile grows on relevant boards. The street team will receive free CDs in return for their work. If interested drop me an email with an outline of where you feel you could influence....
Until next time ::::
David @ Audiobulb Records
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