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RE: Looping rookie needs advice

Benjy, I'm assuming from what's been said, that your drum set is all acoustic?
one thing that I've seen, in the early days of electronic drums,  was an acoustic kit, with, say, electronic tom's.  my understanding was that they really couldn't get good samples of snares rolls, or cymbals back then.  but the tom's sounded new and cool.
all this has changed, of course, but you have to lay down some bucks for a good electronic set. 
so what I've been thinking out of the box is, maybe to mix in some electronic drums, if they still sell them separately, or something like a Roland SPD20 Total Percussion Pad, and patch only those through the EDP, e.g., so you don't get all the other sounds layering.
another way could be to record a groove that's not too busy on one looper or sequencer, and then start layering other sounds on say, the EDP, where you can pull back the feedback, when it starts getting too dense. 
all this would have to be mixed properly, of course.
if you had really good drum mikes, you might be able to mike different drums to different channels, and then send some of those to the EDP.  but that still might result in the sounds bleeding together?
once you've found a way to do all this techy stuff, I'd also start with simple rhythms for the looper, and then start mixing in some polyrhythms and textures, maybe with some effects, using something like the old Jim Chapin independents among the hands and feet.  if you use some delay, you really don't have to play too many notes.
well anyway, I've re-mixed Rick's advice, and thrown caution to the wind.

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Thanks for the advice.  I've seen a couple drummers do looping very tastefully -- not playing over what they've put down and each loop complementing the next.  I still would like to figure out the best way to go about doing all this -- any recommendations on gear; both the looping unit and mic/mixer setups? 
Thanks again!