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RE: EDP using the "metronome" midi note outs...

If you don't need the 8th/Cycle (8th/Beat for the blonde EDP) you could set it to 1. This will at least make the Sub-Cycle note being always played together with the Cycle StartPoint note. If you avoid using Multiply then you will never get the Loop StartPoint note. That's probably restricting quite a lot of EDP features...
BTW: the manual is available online:
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Subject: EDP using the "metronome" midi note outs...

I donít have the manual in front of me so I canít quite remember what the terms are called, but on the EDP, there are various midi notes sent out on Start loop, 8ths notes and the loop point. I believe it is there for recording onto a sequencer (and triggering the EDP later from these notes??? Dunno? )


But I have a question. I have the Korg MS2000R synth and it has a built in analog sequencer. Right now I have to make a loop (to set the bpm) and then very precisely hit a key on the Korg for it to be in synch. Last night I tried ďPlaying the synthĒ from these midi notes that EDP spits out. But all I want is ONE note PER BAR (I guess the loop point note) not all the other notes. There doesnít seem to be anyway of specifying this on EDP, so I was wondering if I can ďfilter outĒ all notes I donít need??? I DO use a laptop in my setup, but would prefer NOT to route the midi to and from this, Iím looking for a (CHEAP) box to do this with (or a circuit, Iím pretty handy with a soldering iron)


Any ideas, or off the wall solutions appreciated..


(Actually off the wall suggestions are positively encouraged!!!)