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MFC-10 remembered

>If I remember correctly, one of the more longstanding members of the list 
>(andy butler, perhaps?)

yep, that was me :-)

>did a spec-out on it a couple of years back.  He discovered there was a 
>problem with latency on the pedal presses.  This wouldn't normally be 
>much of an issue if you're merely using it for things like turning on/off 
>an effect program.  However, if you're using it to control your loop 
>functions, that could throw your timing off considerably.

That's exactly what I found. A delay of about 70ms by my guess.
Surprising, as the MFC-10 is supposed to be usable as a foot-keyboard 
sending note-Ons.

>The write-up was quite a while back, so perhaps a more current rev of the 
>MFC's operating system has fixed that since.
>  I'd still "try before you buy", though.

Please let me know if that's the case.
(I still have the mfc-10)

I spent quite a while on the phone with "Dusty" at Yamaha's tech support. 
The only info he had been given was a pile of manuals. He hadn't been 
a way to check for a software revision, and there was no system by which 
could report a fault to the designers.
If we're into criticising Line 6 for letting their customers be Beta 
testers, then perhaps it's worth considering that Yamaha don't even allow 
that :-)

andy butler