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RE: Chords: played vs. built (was: mono ebow (was Eivind Aarset)

Thnaks, I am putting it up on here in a bit, it's been
titles Found Insanity, by Soul Implant.  I've never
been good with titles, but this is in fact the song I
just talked about.

--- Ben <benoit.ruelle@ibelgique.com> wrote:

> Hey Brian,
> I would greatly hear that, using ambiloop myself.
> There is a a new ambiloopradio group at Yahoo!
> Groups. It was created last
> week I think
> just to "hold" songs created with ambiloop.
> To learn more about the ambiloopradio group, please
> visit
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ambiloopradio
> Ben.

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