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Re: OMBIENT Gig, Bedminster NJ 09/26

As long as we're telling the group about great looping performances, I 
thought I'd type a few words about the 9/26/04 show at the Sky Bar...there 
were several fine acts there, including Ultraplush and 12th of Never, but 
looping-wise, Dreamchild and the Kris Thompson/Robert Byrd duo both just 
blew my mind.  

I was already familiar with Dreamchild's Halloween-on-acid loop-based 
music... Frank Gerace gets the most otherworldly sounds out of his VG-8 
strat, and he loops the horrifying/beautiful sonic waves with an Echoplex 
and, I beleieve, a Jam Man, while Cheryl Wanner expertly loops her 
multioctave Diamanda Galas/Lisa Gerrard vocals with a JamMan of her own, 
also playing not one but two harps and other cool instruments. I expected 
a damn good listen, and they didn't disappoint.

As for Kris, I knew him from when he and I used to play with Lauri 
desMarais... he was a very good theremin player back then, but he's 
actually gotten better, creating more vocal, human sounds, as he did that 
night. The other half of his duo, Robert Byrd, was getting the most 
amazing washes of sound out of his white strat and a 4-U case of rackmount 
stuff. Together, the two of them made it hard not to resort to overused 
cliches...let's just say it was powerful.