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Re: PK-5 as MIDI controller for loop set up (was MidiMate vs All access)

At 09:36 AM 9/28/2004, Jeff Larson wrote:

>So yes, it should be able to control all of the MIDI functions on the EDP.

Guys, just to be safe: check the list archives regarding the MFC-10 before 
you actually pick one up.  I looked at that pedal briefly while I was 
checking out foot controllers.  If I remember correctly, one of the more 
longstanding members of the list (andy butler, perhaps?) did a spec-out on 
it a couple of years back.  He discovered there was a problem with latency 
on the pedal presses.  This wouldn't normally be that much of an issue if 
you're merely using it for things like turning on/off an effect 
program.  However, if you're using it to control your loop functions, that 
could throw your timing off considerably.

The write-up was quite a while back, so perhaps a more current rev of the 
MFC's operating system has fixed that since.  I'd still "try before you 
buy", though.


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