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Re: OMBIENT Gig, Bedminster NJ 09/26

Hello fellow loopists!

Those of you that missed this afternoon gig should be kicking yerselves! :)

I went to see Mike Hunter, aka "OMBIENT" play this past Sunday, and boy,
am I glad I did! It was an incredible display of how someone can be so in
tune to his/her looping gear and visuals.

Mike started off by weaving Fripp-esque soundscapes along with a video
display of fractal-based animations and word graphics randomly floating

By the way...Mike was the creator of his own video show, too! 

During intermission, he also gave the crowd an overview of what he was
doing, literally "Looping 101". People were very receptive!

Thanks Mike for a wonderful performance--you should perform at Y2K4!!

Peace and loops,

Ed in NJ