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RE: Looping rookie needs advice

I'm sure Rick Walker will chime in as far as looping percussion goes.  
are many others who loop acoustic percusion as well, I'm sure.  I'm not 
though of anyone who loops a whole traditional acoustice drumkit. At least 
not that I've talked to (maybe a guy named Jon Wagner...LD member?), but I 
myself have dabbled a little with the concept.

Perhaps if you describe in more detail what your setup is, what your 
playing/band/musical situation is, and what you'd like to specifically do 
far as looping goes, then someone would be better able to help you out.

I don't know anything about the sp-505 so no help there.

I can suggest a signal chain setup that would possibly alleviate the too 
many mics problem.  Mic your kit with mics of you choice, all run into 
own onstage mixer next to you. I guess the most important requirement for 
the mixer would be that it has direct outs on all your mic channels 
be common....think Behringer if budget is an issue). Also, prefader aux 
sends or an aux bus would be pretty useful too. You mix your drums to 
and send this mix to the looper of choice (probably on an aux send or aux 
bus of the mixer).  The soundguy would get a direct feed of each of your 
mics from your mixer's direct outs, allowing him to mix for FOH as he 
fit.  He also receives the feed from your onstage mixer to put what you 
through the FOH.  Ta Da.  You're looping.

Now, getting the output of your stage monitors or other band members stage 
amps to not be picked up by your drum mics and put into your loops is 
another more difficult issue, and one where my knowledge ends.

Hope this helps. Let us know what turns out.


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