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Re: Raxxess Converta Rack vs. ???

Hello to all,

I misread this:
>> , you may not be able to lift it alone.  I wasn't.  It was summarily 
>> axed.

As "...I was summarily axed."

I think that firing yourself for not being able to hump your rack is a 
little harsh no?  Though I've come close to it myself several times.

> True! It's actually much harder go keep a small and well working 
> set-up than filling up a huge rack ;-)
So true!  I've struggled with this a lot over the last year.  The main 
problem hinged on finding a mixer that had (at least some of) the 
flexibility that I need, but is smaller and lighter than the mackie 
1604 I was hoofing around.   I like to be able to effect my loops, loop 
my effects, etc etc.  I used to use a big cube-shaped rig like the 
Raxxess thing mentioned.  Too big, too heavy, and I got rid of an old 
station wagon for a small car, so impractical.  I hate having to spend 
a lot of time setting up and tearing down before and after gigs 
(especially, as mentioned, during a festival).  I found the Samson 2404 
on Ebay and (aside from some hum - I'm working on it) I love it!  Now I 
have a custom-made shallow 12 space flight case that's still too heavy, 
but it fits the mixer and my loopers and effects and preamp.  And it 
fits in the trunk of our Prius!  Yay!

Good luck in your search.  Don't forget that, given that we all do our 
work/play differently, a custom made rack might be the thing.  But do 
plan for a bit of expansion, at least.