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Re: Looping rookie needs advice

> First, I'm a drumset player.  I'm trying to figure out the best way to go
> about doing this, especially when it comes to gear.

Hey Benjy-

I'm a loopy drummer and I have a lot of fun with it.   When I first wanted 
to get into looping - it sounded like a great idea to me to loop my 
After I spent lotsa $$ and time getting all the gear for it, I realized 
looping drum set is REALLY HARD!!!  Think about it - how often do you hear 
two drum set drummers playing together?  How about three or more??? 
Everything just starts to get in each other's way.

I realized that I had to find a way to get each loop to have its own 
character and sit together with any other loops or music that was playing 
the same time.  For me, that meant maybe one or two drumset loops max at 
one time, then possibly other loops of percussion or hand drums.  Maybe 
you'll find a way to do something different, who knows!    Just thought I 
would share something that took me a year to figure out myself...


ps. my advise: Start simple!  Get one looper and one microphone, and one 
pair of headphones and go to town in your practice space.  You'll find 
this goes a really long way towards evaluating what kind of loops you'll 
want to do, and therefore what kind of equipment you may eventually want