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Re: MidiMate vs All access [was Re: Simulcast of Y2K4: I need advice]

i just think if u are starting a quiet ambient
soundscape or doing multiple inserts for example and
hearing those clunky switches it is really distracting
for the audience.The behringer switches i must say are
great for that,plus u canīt beat the price!
--- Jeff Larson <Jeffrey.Larson@Sun.COM> wrote:

> On Sep 26, 2004, at 12:11 PM, L. Angulo wrote:
> >
> >> Beware! one thing that kills the all access as a
> >> looper controller is how loud the switches are!
> >
> I think the All Access uses the same switches as the
> Ground Control Pro
> which I have.  Yes, they make noise.  How
> significant this is probably 
> depends
> on your stage volume.  I can imagine this being a
> real problem for mic'd
> acoustic instruments, the button noise will make it
> into the loop.  It's 
> less
> of an issue for electric instruments.
> While I love the All Access, I'd still think hard
> about how much control
> you actually need at your feet.  The Behringer
> combined with a control
> surface like the Novation Remote 25 will give you a
> phenomenal amount
> of control and still cost less than an All Access. 
> Jeff


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