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Re: just for LD list members...

It's google's comptetitor to hotmail. Highlights:

- 1 gig of space
- threaded discussion
- targetted advertising (more on that later)

I just got one myself, specificly so I could rejoin looper's delight,
rather than perusing the archives every once in a while, as I have
been for the a long time.

A gmail account is especially useful for this group, since the
looper's delight archives are freely open for all search engines and
spam bots, and since you can only post to the list from a subscribed
address. Since everyone's addresses are in the archives, and open for
all, spam is an inevitability. Since it's a mailing list, hotmail
accounts quickly get filled unless you empty them frequently.

The reason you are hearing about 'gmail invites' is a pretty crafty
scheme on google's part: it's only via a limited number of invitations
from current users. They've achieved a level of online 'cachet' far
outstripping their actual usefulness - it's just a free email account
after all - and this has also allowed them to scale the growth of the
service to make sure that the infastructure to support it grows

There's also a rather controversial feature built in to gmail accounts
however: the targeted advertising. Google pays for the services by
delivering targeted links (down the right side, a bit like their
search engine does) by searches through your mail for keywords: a
machine is looking over my shoulder as I write this and determining
what ads to serve me based on what I write down. (They are all musical
links, surprise surprise). Some people feel this is a dangerous breach
of privacy; you need to make up your own mind. Personally, I've got no
problem with a machine reading my looper's delight mailing list posts,
especially considering that they are all posted to the internet and
read by hundreds of machines as soon as they hit the archives. At
least google isn't going to use it to spam me...

So if you want one, let me know: I have a few invites available myself.

(back from the dead :>)

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