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free kikapu album released > and reviewed

A free 5 hour ambient compilation featuring a variety of techniques and styles has been released by kikapu :::: http://www.kikapu.com ::::
The compilation features 34 artists and has been reviewed @ igloo :::: www.iglomag.com
Igloo amongst others - highlight the piece by Autistici "Locations marked on a map of silence" ....

Autistici, still perfecting the definition of his own genre demonstrated on the A Moment Of Incidentals EP, gives us the glitchy, dark ambient-tinged “Locations Marked On A Map Of Silence.” The title says it all ­ brilliant noodling with digital clips of found sounds, beeps, clicks, static and sped up voices all mapped out to resemble a game of Battleship between sound and silence gone inconceivable.

This piece was recorded using samples of 7 sections of silence collected by Autistici from artists from around the world.

Access the whole kikapu album here:::: http://www.kikapu.com/label/releases/kpu072.htm