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Re: MidiMate vs All access [was Re: Simulcast of Y2K4: I need advice]

Beware! one thing that kills the all access as a
looper controller is how loud the switches are!

--- Jeff Larson <Jeffrey.Larson@Sun.COM> wrote:

> The Ground Control Pro can send 8 control change
> messages when
> configured for "instant access" buttons.  In this
> mode, the top two
> rows of 8 buttons send control changes, the bottom
> row of 4 buttons
> (plus 2 bank switch buttons) select "presets" which
> may send up to
> 8 program changes with bank select.
> Each of the 8 instant access buttons can be
> configured as toggle or
> momentary.  Buttons can only send one control change
> message on
> one of 8 configured MIDI channels.  Preset buttons
> can only send
> program changes.
> The biggest limitation of the GCP is that the
> instant access buttons
> cannot be configured differently for each preset,
> they are global.
> What this means for the EDP is that you can control
> at most 8
> DirectMIDI functions.  In that respect, the FCB is
> more flexible since
> it can send control change messages with each preset
> allowing you to
> access every DirectMIDI function, albeit with a lot
> of bank
> switch dancing.  
> The FCB is less flexible than the GCP in terms of
> the number of MIDI
> devices you can send control changes to.  The FCB
> can address 2
> MIDI channels if you don't use momentary buttons,
> and 1 if you do.
> The GCP can address 8 MIDI channels, with or without
> momentary buttons.
> I ended up choosing the GCP because I can work
> around the
> instant access button limitations with a computer,
> and I liked
> the smaller size.  If I gigged without a computer, I
> would
> probably have gotten the All Access instead.
> The All Access has a similar configuration of
> instant access
> and preset selection buttons.  The main advantage is
> that
> the control change messages sent on the instant
> access buttons
> can be different for each preset.  This would allow
> you to call
> all of the DirectMIDI functions.  Some other
> features of
> the All Access:
>    - supports all 16 MIDI channels at once
>    - preset buttons send up to 16 program changes
> plus
>      5 other messages of any type
>    - preset buttons may send a sysex string of up to
> 30 bytes
>    - can define song/set sequences of presets
> The All Access is about $350 more than the GCP and
> about $600 more
> than the Behringer.  Frankly I think this price is
> insane for what it
> does, MIDI foot controllers aren't that damn
> complicated.  But sadly
> there's nothing on the market that competes with it.
>  I'm rather
> disappointed with Behringer, how much hardware cost
> could they
> possibly be saving with their MIDI channel
> limitations?  All they need
> is a little more memory and a descent OS, sell it
> for $50 more, and
> they could blow away everything out there.
> Jeff


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