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Making cables (hope this isn't OT)

I use a lot of effects and lots of cables. So a cable making question 
shouldn?t be too off topic, I hope.

I have about 30 meters of cable (Canare L-4E6S) which a sound guy 
recommended for making cables. It is shielded and has four wires (two 
pairs) in the core. The connections I?m making are between my echoplex, 
G-major, preamp, power amp, drum machine and computer to mixer, as well as 
some balanced microphone cables. I?ve heard and read conflicting stories 
of the correct way to make cables. Yesterday the man at the place where I 
bought the plugs told me that I should use both wires from one of the 
pairs for the tip and the other pair for the sleeve, leaving the shield 
unattached at both ends. That didn't sound right. 

L-D list members seem incredibly well-informed on a broad range of topics. 
Perhaps someone would be so kind as to set me straight on the right way to 
make balanced and unbalanced cables with this cable (two pairs in the 
core). Can I make MIDI cables with the same cable?