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Re: Simulcast of Y2K4: I need advice

Larry Cooperman wrote:

> Yellow,
> Does the Echoplex Pro Plus, version IV's MIDI functions work with the 
> Rocktron Midi Mate?

I would say no, at least not well.   The MidiMate like a lot of 
lower-end foot pedals
primarily spews program changes.  The EDP needs notes or continuous 
in addition to program changes to select presets.  The MidiMate cannot 
send notes.
It can send controllers but it isn't very flexible.  When configured for 
"instant access"
you get 5 buttons for control change messages and 5 for what it
calls "presets" which can send a combination of program changes and 
control changes.
I think the control changes were limited to the 5 you could assign to 
the buttons,
but I'm not sure.

The unit is primarily designed to control guitar rigs with an effects 
patchbay.  The
control buttons are all "toggle" style which is what you want for a 
patchbay, you
can't have "momentary" buttons.  Lack of momentary buttons means you
you can't do true SUS functions from the EDP.  You have to press the button
twice to get the same behavior as a press/release of a momentary button.