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Simulcast of Y2K4: I need advice

Etheric Networks of Santa Cruz has graciously offered the use
of the bandwidth on their mega servers to simulcast the entire
main body of the Y2K4 Live Looping Festival in a couple of weeks.

I have no knowledge of what is necessary  to make this happen.

They told me that I would need a dedicated computer (and I"m guessing
a powerful one) and the proper streaming audio software so connect
a feed from the two mixing boards on the two stages to their servers.

Does anyone out their have the knowledge to advise me what I need to get
together to make this happen?

I own  a desktop 2.4 mghz  PC running Win XP with hyperthreading 
two hard drives (and 80 and a 120 gig).  It's pretty damned fast.......20 
seconds to
complete boot.

I also own an Apple laptop G4 867 mghz running OS X that is noticeably 

Will either of these suffice?  Please tell me the Apple will because that 
would be
so damned convenient...............lol.


streaming software recommendations?

I don't even know what software I need.  Can you help with that?    Does 
anyone have the
software that they can loan me for the two days of the event or, even 
better, does someone want to come help me by being the liason between the 
mixing board (me) and Etheric (with their equivalent of two T1 servers).

Please contact me offlist at RICKWALKER@looppool.info if you can help and
thanks so much in advance if there is anyone out there knowledgeable enough
to help me make this happen.
I have so much e-mail for the festival  right now. so please put this in 
your subject:

SIMULCAST HELP   so that I don't overlook it.

thanks again,  yours, Rick