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RE: Nifty RTOS hardware platforms: for looper development

Surprisingly I like the Debian Linux best of all I started losing respect
for Linux after RedHat got started but, Debian has restored my feelings to
the positive side. I think trying to make Linux into Windows (ala Redhat 
others is a mistake) I tried out the minimum network install of Debian and
found it to be really excelent. I think the problems of Linux are that too
many of the installs (script/RPM/Deb) are executed really badly. The
dependencies are not clearly stated and then locating the correct 
is sometimes a real pain and there is commonly something missing in the
documentation. If they ever get the installations a little more 
things might become more productive and Linux being a UNIX could very well
become a great audio platform or network client. Still one has to become a
little more hardware savvy under Linux (less latency) as opposed to Windows
and it's hardware independent approach (more latency) Debian uses APT
(Debian Package Manager) which improves things a lot but, still requires
some inteligence to use I screwed it up already (doing a post screw up
analysis ;D )
So, Windows or Mac is a lot easier for most and will continue to be for
quite some time it is a good place for a developer of RTOS apps to go at
this time considering Windows Latency (still present in the embedded
versions) and Macs high cost.

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I spent two months this summer trying to go Linux for audio.  I'll try 
next year.  Every year it gets closer, but Linux still lacks a really good
MIDI sequencer, IMHO.  I managed to get Rosegarden to run on my box, but
wasn't really impressed with it.  That looks like the best thing going for
Linux right now as far as MIDI sequencing, so I guess I'll let it rest 
there's something better. 

For the time being I just boot up XP with Sonar and -- bang -- it works.