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Re: RC20 - EDP sync

>hi there one and all.
>Im just thinking out loud here and im not saying that this is the 
>solution for this paticular problem, however i have thought of a 
>technique that might be fun.
>I came up with this as a way of letting me loop with a beginning 
>loop-ist mate with an RC-20.
>basically I used a splitter cable on the output of the RC-20 and 
>connected one to his amp and one to the BeatSync jack of the EDP,
>On my EDP I would setup to recieve sync to the beat, I would then 
>begin by letting him make a loop to a time of his choosing, then he 
>would turn his output signal down and put that awful metronome up 
>(by the way this is a fun jam thing not a crowdpleasing theatre 
>filler)  and let the beat detect get it and use it to define my loop 
>We are now (as the theory goes) locke togeather using a common time 
>base. al kinds of building up up up fun can be had.

this certainly helps to set the looptime the same, but we would not 
call it locked, unless you record a clear enough attack at the 
beginning of the RC-20 loop which could be detected by BeatSync. Only 
then the EDP can continuously correct and stay in sync with the RC-20 
otherwise they always fall apart over time.

BeatSync is not really smart at detecting rhythm in music, but you 
can help it with a filter and by setting the level right. and if it 
detects some beats more during the loop, its not so bad, since the 
EDP sync only considers pulses that come within a window arround the 
start of the loop.

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