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Live Afrograss Looping Show and Workshop in Denver CO

Hey brothers and sisters of the LOOP,

I'll be bringing my One-Man Afrograss Folk Rock Ensemble show to the
 Hill Music Assoc. on Fri 9/24. The following day Sat 9/25 I'll be
giving a 
 Guitar Performance Workshop that will focus on Live Looping Techniques 
using the EDP. I've pasted in the press release for the show and
below that covers all the details.

Also of interest to the LD list would be the article that I wrote for my

workshops at The Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Song School entitled "Enhance
 Your Solo Performance With Live Looping" as well as looping signal flow

chart diagram...go to the links at

To hear songs from my live show using the EDP check out my site.

Loop on beautiful people!

-Arthur Lee Land

ARTHUR LEE LAND - Folk Rock meets "Afrograss" in virtuoso one-man band: 

Coming to Swallow Hill Sept 24th

Electronic "live-looping" brings audiences a new mix; From Nigeria to

Genuine innovation in music comes along only rarely; think the first
time you heard Bob Dylan or the Dave Matthews band. In Arthur Lee Land's
upcoming performance at Swallow Hill, Denver music-goers have an
opportunity to witness one of the more stunning performers gracing the
music scene today. After years of touring, Arthur has combined diverse
influences and his multi-instrumental talents into a dynamic solo
performance that draws on many musical styles yet is uniquely his own:

Combining the manifold flavors of West African percussion, funky
electric bass, soulful vocals and masterful guitar leads, Arthur Lee
Land's one-man Afrograss Folk Rock Ensemble seamlessly utilizes "loop"
(live recording) technology to create a soundscape that fills the stage
- and unleashes the audience's imagination. Arthur will bring his show
to The Tuft Theater of The Swallow Hill Music Assoc. in Denver Colorado
on Friday September 24th at 8pm. Arthur will also lead a Guitar
Performance Workshop at Swallow Hill on Saturday September 25th from
2:30-4:30pm. Both events co-sponsored by Creative Music Works.

Arthur Lee Land's local legend is growing fast, since he recently
uprooted from his Chicago home to relocate in Colorado. His first
performances at the 2002 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival & Song School in
Lyons Colorado, coupled with a flat-out inspiring Afrograss demo tape,
caught the attention of Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer
Wendy Waldman (Save The Best For Last, Fishin' In the Dark, New Grass
Revival) who offered to produce the upcoming Arthur Lee Land CD due out
early next year.

Arthur was invited to return to the 2003 & 2004 Rocky Mountain Folks
Festival & Song School, where his teaching and performances wowed
festivarians. He sat in with Peter Himmelman, a 2004 headliner, as well
as with many other performers who sought Arthur out for his remarkable
guitar skills. Steve Szymanski, vice president of Planet Bluegrass,
commenting on Arthur's omnipresence at the Folks Fest, said "This guy
exudes musical magic." Arthur's exposure at the festival generated
extraordinary sales of his current self-produced CD "Arthur Lee Land."
This CD will be available at the Swallow Hill show. 

Arthur's tour of West Africa in September, 2001 provided a defining
event in the development of his musical artistry. His time spent in
Ghana and Nigeria spawned Arthur's "Afrograss" vision: a synthesis of
African percussion and bluegrass in a folk-rock context. Upon his return
to the states, Arthur set about crafting the performance techniques
necessary to present his One-Man Afrograss Folk Rock Ensemble, including
a vastly entertaining layering, or "looping," of each musical
instrument, which unfolds and combines into a final crescendo. Like
musical magic, indeed.

Arthur's GUITAR PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP will focus on helping guitarists at
any level learn to develop their own voice and play "from the inside
out." He will also share ways to enhance live performances with
"Looping" techniques. Saturday, 9/25, 2:30-4:30pm Early Bird Price:
$28/$26 members; Regular Price: $30/$28 members. 

Arthur Lee Land concert ticket prices: Advance: $10 members / $12
non-mem. Day of: $12 mem / $15 non-mem. Tickets for both concert and
workshop can be purchased at Swallow Hill Music Association (303)
777-1003 or online at www.swallowhill.com

 For more Artist information and MP3's visit www.arthurleeland.com