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RE: EDP and ground loop hum

Putting the Morley in between the EDP and the mixer seemed to do better 
the first way I tried.

Now, there's no discernible noise, unless I push the channel fader all the
way up (with the EDP in mute) and then it's just some hiss.  However, 
only for testing, because I don't push it up that far.  So it seems that
I've solved my problem.


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Subject: EDP and ground loop hum

Is it common for the EDP to cause a hum in the audio system?  I've tried
moving it away from the speakers, but that didn't seem to help.

The salesperson at the Guitar Center recommended a Morley Hum Eliminator. I
routed the cables from the mixer, into the Morley, and then out to the
speakers, and that helped a little, but there is still some hum there.

I'm going to try redoing it, and putting the Morley in between the EDP and
the mixer.

Am I doing something wrong, wasting my time?  I'm using the EDP in a
electronic music environment, and none of the other pieces of hardware 
any discernible hum.