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Re: Was: (Gibson jacks up Echoplex price) Now nifty hardware platforms



I spent two months this summer trying to go Linux for audio.  I'll try 
again next year.  Every year it gets closer, but Linux still lacks a 
really good MIDI sequencer, IMHO.  I managed to get Rosegarden to run on 
my box, but wasn't really impressed with it.  That looks like the best 
thing going for Linux right now as far as MIDI sequencing, so I guess 
I'll let it rest until there's something better. 

For the time being I just boot up XP with Sonar and -- bang -- it works.


Alan Kroeger wrote:

>I just setup a spare box to run Fedora 2 and the install was relatively
>trouble free except for the bootloader has one minor issue (have to look 
>my bios settings ??? ) Well I might try out Sooper Looper on the Sound
>Blaster Audigy card installed in that machine once I get to checking out
>whether it is working right ;D
>The SB isn't my ideal card but, I know they function under Linux with few
>difficulties. I would like to check out one of those Mini Itx boards as 
>would be the way I would want to go dedicated hardware as opposed to 
>a full PC around.
>Your link got scewed up so I will repost the link
>And once again Sooper Looper (I know it's been posted before)