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Re: WAY OT: Tape Question

you might be able to play back on a 2 inch 16 or 24. The head layout will be odd and you will not read the full track. In the past I have run 2' 16TR on 2" 24 decks.  I would try to fins a 2'16tr as well and see it it works. It's a more common find that 2' 16TR.
Good luck!
PS: You might be able to find the deck in schoold with long established recording/radio production setups.
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-------Original Message-------
Date: 09/23/04 12:03:52
To: Loop
Subject: WAY OT: Tape Question
This is completely random, but I thought someone here may have an answer.
Does anyone know a good place with good people (preferably near Austin)
that can play 2-inch, 8-track Ampeg tapes?
The reason I ask is that the master tapes for the International Artists
recordings have been located (13th Floor Elevators, Red Crayola, etc.)
and we are looking for a good place to check them out, save them if need
  be (they are old after all), remaster CDs from them, etc.
Any help would be appreciated
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