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Re: RC20 - EDP sync

> did not understand what the sync pulse harms
> if you dont want it for the EDP, press Overdub while in Reset!

I was worried because sometimes after I have loaded the loops into 
the EDP, I change the RC-20 to slot 11 with my foot. Slot 11 contains 
the kick/crash I use at the end, and switching there changes the rate 
of LED flash. But I wouldn't do this until after all the loops are 
recorded into the EDP.

It would definitely cause problems if I tried to run "OR"ed synch 
outputs from both my RC-20s into the EDP. I'd like to do this if possible
so I can load more drum loops into the second RC-20 and still have synch.

> thats only true if Quant is on and for Loop III
> >Similarly it will not stop recording till the next synch
> >pulse after you hit Record again.
> thats true for Quant, otherwise it waits until the loop is of a full 
> multiple length of the incoming sync timing.
> >Does this also apply to
> >NextLoop? I am using the EDP with AutoRecord=On so I can
> >record several loops in series without a pause. It would be
> >cool if the EDP would wait for the next synch pulse after
> >hitting Next before starting the recording of the next loop.
> yes it does that, but in this case I think Quant makes sense

Great, thanks. The customer support here is amazing! :) Sorry for
asking about stuff that's in the manual. I looked under "SwitchQuant"
but not "Quant".

Mark Smart