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WAY OT: Tape Question

This is completely random, but I thought someone here may have an answer.

Does anyone know a good place with good people (preferably near Austin)
that can play 2-inch, 8-track Ampeg tapes?  

The reason I ask is that the master tapes for the International Artists
recordings have been located (13th Floor Elevators, Red Crayola, etc.)
and we are looking for a good place to check them out, save them if need
 be (they are old after all), remaster CDs from them, etc.

Any help would be appreciated


How amazing, how amazing!
Hard to comprehend that
Nonsentient beings expound Dharma.
It simply cannot be heard with the ear,
But when sound is heard with the eye,
Then it is understood.
- Tung-shan (807-869)

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