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RE: RC20 - EDP sync

>  >>Oh, wait...they are probably controlling the color by grounding 
>one side of the
>LED and connecting the other to +V, right? So you could get it to respond 
>to red flashes by only hooking the wire to the side of the LED that gets 
>during a red flash. Easy enough.<<
>erm.... you could also think about using a counter/divider chip to 
>give you more control over this- use the first flash, ignore the 
>next three, use the fifth flash, ignore the next three.... & so on.
>I'm still aiming to build some sort of clock divider interface to 
>get from a midi clock into a standard dl4's tap-tempo..... just need 
>to get made redundant first, or sent on indefinite gardening 
>leave..... :-)

I dont think this helps a lot for the EDP, since you are free to 
press Record after as many cycles as you want, so it does not really 
matter how many sync pulses you receive, unless they are extremely 
quick so that you cannot count right or press Record wrongly by 

it may be necessary for the DL4 though, so go ahead!

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