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Re: RC20 - EDP sync

>  > probably you find a concrete instruction in the LD archive since I
>>  usually try to make such tricks available when I discover them... but
>>  this may be the less fun way :-)
>I found that note by searching for "RC-20 LED" in the
>archives, thanks. I think if I do this I might get burned
>by the fact that the LED is flashing even when the loop is
>not playing. I would want it to only send synch pulses when
>the loop is playing, requiring an "AND" of the Play LED 
>and the flashing LED. Maybe a surface mount TTL chip will
>fit in there someplace.

did not understand what the sync pulse harms
if you dont want it for the EDP, press Overdub while in Reset!

>I have a question about Loop IV..I see in the manual that
>if you have synch = In and you hit Record, the EDP will wait
>till the next synch pulse arrives before it starts recording.

thats only true if Quant is on and for Loop III

>Similarly it will not stop recording till the next synch
>pulse after you hit Record again.

thats true for Quant, otherwise it waits until the loop is of a full 
multiple length of the incoming sync timing.

>Does this also apply to
>NextLoop? I am using the EDP with AutoRecord=On so I can
>record several loops in series without a pause. It would be
>cool if the EDP would wait for the next synch pulse after
>hitting Next before starting the recording of the next loop.

yes it does that, but in this case I think Quant makes sense


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