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Re: RC20 - EDP sync

> >----- Original Message -----
> sounds good, usually 2 color LEDs have three legs of which the center 
> is ground.
> maybe you get a better signal on the other side of the resistor that 
> feeds the LED
> probably you find a concrete instruction in the LD archive since I 
> usually try to make such tricks available when I discover them... but 
> this may be the less fun way :-)

I found that note by searching for "RC-20 LED" in the 
archives, thanks. I think if I do this I might get burned 
by the fact that the LED is flashing even when the loop is 
not playing. I would want it to only send synch pulses when 
the loop is playing, requiring an "AND" of the Play LED  
and the flashing LED. Maybe a surface mount TTL chip will 
fit in there someplace.

I have a question about Loop IV..I see in the manual that 
if you have synch = In and you hit Record, the EDP will wait 
till the next synch pulse arrives before it starts recording. 
Similarly it will not stop recording till the next synch 
pulse after you hit Record again. Does this also apply to 
NextLoop? I am using the EDP with AutoRecord=On so I can 
record several loops in series without a pause. It would be 
cool if the EDP would wait for the next synch pulse after 
hitting Next before starting the recording of the next loop.

Mark Smart